Ayurveda Online Consultation

Lifestyle and nutrition consultation

based on the oldest health system in the world

    • Strengsten your immune system

    • Optimise your nutrition based on your body’s needs

    • Establish a balanced lifestyle

    • Improve your digestion and metabolism

    • Increase your energy level

    • Balance your hormones 

    • Improve your sleep quality

    • Effective stress management


    About the online consultation

    Based on conversations, and descriptions fo the client,
    the trained Vaidya (Ayurveda expert) gets a holistic picture of the
    physical and emotional state of
     the client.  


    Based on the consultation, the Ayurveda expert suggests very individual
    recommendations on the topics of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management
    which are tailored to the personal situation of the client. 

     I some cases, also Ayurvedic supplements may be recommended.

    In doing so, it takes (among others) into account the constitution of a person,
    current imbalances, their presumed causes and the current season.   


    The holistic recommendations serve to bring the existing imbalances
    back into balance and to keep
     the body and mind healthy .


    A unique and holistic experience for your sustainable health!




    About Ayurveda

    The Science of Life (Ayur = Life; Veda = Science)

    Ayurveda basically has two goals:

    Prevention – staying healthy:

    Support for healthy people to stay healthy. We do not have to get sick first to take an interest in our health.

    Getting healthy:

    Support for people who currently have health imbalances that manifest themselves as symptoms and/or diseases.


    Some special features of the Ayurvedic approach:

    – Ayurveda is the oldest health care science in the world.

    Holistic approach: We look at you as a holistic individual, i.e. not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health is important to us as well.

    You are unique. That’s why you will receive individual recommendations for your diet, lifestyle and stress management.

    – Aiming to bring the causes back into balance, instead of treating only the symptoms.

    – Of course: We believe in the power of nature.


    Ayurveda helps us to stay healthy or become healthy again by balancing the life energies (Doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

    Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that can positively change your life and your quality of life.


    “The consultation was very helpful for me. The Ayurveda expert was empathetic, clear and directly explains what happens in my body and mind based on Ayurvedic teaching. Since I studied medicine, I was amazed at the delicacy of the diagnosis and the precise explanation , which I was able to correlate with clinical pictures in conventional medicine. I feel very well cared for and can learn a lot here about prevention and healthy living!

    Dr. Julia Stenzel,

    Assistant doctor, Offenburg

    Since taking the opportunity of the consultations, my life, health and well-being changed in a very fast way, not only physical but also mentally. It was like a deep renewal for my body mind and soul. The Ayurveda expert is not only a very professional practitioner, but is a very kind and sensitive woman, a great and is able to see what is missing and what to do to improve. She has a very good Intuition which works also online very well. During these special and challenging times she is a real blessing.
    Nutrition and fitness were adaptable and realistic. Each step was accompanied by her monthly, she answered all my questions by email afterwards. I am so grateful!”
    Jasmine, Berlin

    “I felt that was understood by the Ayurveda expert correctly. She took the time and explained everything very well. I felt in good hands and will definitely go to further consultations and the advice that she recommends in mine Integrate everyday life to bring my body back into balance.”

    Anke Aust,

    self-employed, Berlin

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