Vedanantaka Liniment – Pain Reliever

Vedantaka Liniment is a unique herbal formulation that helps fight with all types of body aches quickly and effectively. A blend of potent classical medicated and plant based oils, this pain killer is most effective in soothing the common body aches, headaches, gout and joint pain.

Weight 60ml
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Key Benefits

  • It provides relief in spondylitis, muscle spasm and aches
  • Also heals the problem of sprain and back ache
  • It soothes common body aches, headaches, gout and joint pain
  • Also alleviates arthritic pains
  • Gives relief in sports trauma
  • Treats gout and joint pain

How to Use

  • Massage gently on the skin over the affected areas, or as directed by a physician

Key Ingredients

  • Pinda taila
  • Dhanvantaram taila
  • Narayana taila


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