Ayurvedic pulse consultation for your health and balance

With Ayurveda experts from India, the country of origin of Ayurveda

Our Ayurveda specialists (Vaidyas) 


1) have obtained their¬†bachelor’s degree from the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research in Banglore¬†, India,

2) have then specialized in different subject areas,

3) gained practical experience in India and Europe and

4) Practice¬†yoga, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya¬ģ daily.

Vaida Chaithanya

Vaidya (Ayurveda expert), born in Kerala (India), completed a Master of Science in clinical psychology at Dev Sanskriti University in Rishikesh, with a focus on Ayurveda and Yoga, in addition to her Ayurveda degree.

Since 2017 Chaithanya has been traveling to several cities in Germany every month to help health seekers through Ayurvedic pulse consultation

 to inspire you to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle, thus helping you to achieve optimal health of your body, mind and spirit.

 Chaithanya not only fascinates with her extensive specialist knowledge, but also takes the time to deal with individual questions from her clients with great sensitivity. 

Vaidya Niranjana

Niranjana has been active in Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (TCM) for more than ten years. She brings extensive clinical experience from her time at the state-recognized Ayurvedic Institute for Postgraduates in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Her vision is to promote health and well-being through Ayurveda and alternative therapies.¬†With this in mind, she obtained her master’s degree in acupuncture from the WHO-recognized international Medicina Alternative Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.¬†

As part of her work as a vaidya / wellness expert, she has traveled to the USA, Central America, Bermuda, the Caribbean and numerous destinations in Europe. 

About the pulse consultation

“Nadi Pariksha”, the Indian pulse consultation¬†, is a technique that is thousands of years old in which the Ayurveda specialist (Vaidya) places three fingers on the client’s wrist.¬†In this way he / she can determine the basic Ayurvedic constitution via the pulse.¬†Likewise, she / he can very precisely recognize both the physical and the psychological state of the client, as well as possible imbalances.

On the basis of the pulse consultation , the Vaidya gives personal recommendations on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management, which are tailored to the personal situation of the respective patient. These recommendations serve to bring the existing imbalances back into balance and to keep the body and mind healthy.


A unique and holistic experience for long-lasting health!

About Ayurveda

The Science of Life (Ayur = Life; Veda = Science)

In Sri Sri Ayurveda, we assume that health does not depend solely on physical factors. Health is always more than the absence of illness. If we do not learn to deal better with stress and negativity, the risks and causes of possible diseases will remain within us. These seeds disappear when a balance is achieved between body and mind, feeling and understanding, but also between you as a person and your environment.

Ayurveda helps the body and mind to become healthy by balancing the pitta, vata and kapha life energies (doshas). Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that can change your life positively.

“The consultation was very helpful for me. It was empathetic, clear and directly explains what happens in my body and mind after Ayurvedic teaching and where it can lead to. Since I studied medicine, I was amazed at the delicacy of the diagnosis and the precise explanation , which I was able to correlate with clinical pictures in conventional medicine. I feel very well cared for and can learn a lot here about prevention and healthy living!

Dr. Julia Stenzel,

Assistant doctor, Offenburg

“Vaidya Chaithanya is a great Ayurveda expert. I felt that I understood her correctly. She took the time and explained everything very well. I felt in good hands and will definitely go to further consultations and the advice that she recommends in mine Integrate everyday life to bring my body back into balance.

Anke Aust, 51,

self-employed, Berlin

The emergence of an illness according to Ayurvedic principles

The order of these levels never changes

  • 1st


    A blockade causes an imbalance in the dosha

  • 2nd


    The flow of the doshas is hindered and accumulation occurs

  • 3rd


    The dosha overflows and looks for a weak point in the body

  • 4th


    At this weak point, an illness manifests itself

  • 5th


    The disease causes symptoms

  • 6th


    The disease causes complications

” In the rest of medical science, a disease is only diagnosed at the fourth or fifth stage. With pulse consultation , we can recognize it at a much earlier stage. The sooner the signs of an illness are discovered, the easier it is to develop and express it to prevent the disease . “

Kiran Valsan, Sri Sri Ayurveda specialist from India

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