Our Goal 

This is a campaign by Sri Sri Tattva to stand up and speak out for sustainability, starting from its core, from the foundation of life — food. There can be no life without a healthy, sustainable planet Earth and we can only create a sustainable planet, together!

What are we doing?

“We need to protect the earth. Ancient people from all over the world used to honor the earth, the rivers, the mountains, and the air. We need to retain these ancient values and have a modern vision for development and prosperity for everybody.”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader, Founder, The Art of Living

Through this campaign, we seek to share stories of transformation of farmers as they moved from conventional to sustainable agriculture through techniques like natural farming and agroforestry.

We will also share the stories of the volunteers and leaders who led these transformations across the world.

The idea of this campaign is also to empower you, through our events and workshops, as an individual, to become more sustainable in your approach to life, starting with food. With this, we also seek to guide you to becoming more self-sustained in your access to food. As part of this campaign, we will be bringing agricultural products from natural farms, as well as some useful handmade gifting options.

 When you support us, you are choosing to take a step towards a sustainable Planet Earth and are standing for this powerful and urgent message: iStandforSustainability.



Here’s the positive impact we have helped create with our proceeds, and what you contribute to, every time you buy from us

Over 10 million trees planted

in 36 countries and across 26 Indian states as part of the Mission Green Earth Project. This project was launched in collaboration with the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). ‘Mission Green Earth’ raised the planet’s tree count by 10.6 million due to the efforts of volunteers around the world.

2,200,000 farmers and rural youth trained

in Sri Sri Natural Farming. Thousands of training programs have been conducted to encourage farmers to return to traditional (Indian) methods of natural farming by eliminating the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Revived 47 rivers

running through 4 Indian states through water conservation and river rejuvenation projects. This is a holistic, multi-pronged approach that involves the local community.

Many drought-hit areas have also been benefited through this project. 

40,310 garbage cleanup projects

executed over the decade in India, in rivers such as the Yamuna, Pampa, and Godavari, and in major cities such as Mumbai.

The 6 Sustainability goals

Restoring soil health through natural farming

Here we let the soil heal itself by minimizing the use of chemical and industrially-manufactured inputs to the soil. Instead, natural farmers take advantage of the local ecosystem, through approaches such as multi-cropping and agroforestry.

Saving water bodies by preventing chemical run-off

Since we do not use any chemical or artificially manufactured inputs to boost production or repel pests, there is no chemical run-off from farms into groundwater and therefore into the local water bodies.

Helping combat climate change and saving water

We, at Sri Sri Tattva, offer naturally-grown grains, and spices, thereby encouraging a vegetarian lifestyle that is not only a peaceful approach to growing food but is also cutting down on the excessive use of water in agriculture. Plant-based agriculture needs significantly less water than animal farming, which generates large amounts of gas into the atmosphere. 

Promoting agroforestry and improving biodiversity (the Verstegen project)

In collaboration with Verstegen, Sri Sri Tattva is working on implementing a sustainable entrepreneurship approach towards natural farming in India through an agroforestry system that encompasses multi-cropping, traceability, and regeneration.

Encouraging the use of indigenous seeds

Sri Sri Tattva strongly supports the use of indigenous seeds in agriculture, by reviving ancient grains such as the Sona Moti variety of wheat which is known to be nutrient-rich and low in gluten. We promote locally grain varieties such as black rice and red rice, apart from millets and lentils.

River Rejuvenation and Social Impact

A section of our proceeds directly goes towards the social projects of the Art of Living Foundation and the International Associaton for Human Values (IAHV) through which over 41 rivers in India have been rejuvenated, over 71 million trees have been planted around the world, over 600 schools offer free education to children in rural India, 12,000 Happiness centers are being run around the world. The proceeds are also directed to other projects by the Art of Living and IAHV such as disaster and trauma-relief programmes. 


Over 35 years ago, our team had a vision to share an ecosystem of health and wellness with the world. Today, after decades of research and development in combining today’s modern science with the ancient science of Ayurveda, we are proud to have grown into a global health and wellness company.

Our commitment to being green and using environmentally sustainable practices extends beyond our organization. Parts of our sales proceeds support large-scale social projects through the International Association for Human Values and The Art of Living Foundation.

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Know our products

Every time you buy our products, know that you are directly contributing to a greener, healthier planet by supporting our natural farmers. Our natural farmers use no chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or inputs on the soil. Healthy soil directly contributes to a healthier body (and mind) because so much of what we eat comes from the soil. Healthy soil also means cleaner water and more biodiversity!  Let’s pass it forward by gifting these products to ourselves and to our friends and family!

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